How to manage a data center.  The iAssist/400 application was developed to help IT manage their domain.  It covers all of the critical areas from Help Desk Tickets to setting up employees with the proper equipment when they are hired.  It is a very comprehensive approach to all of the topics that come across an IT director's desk.

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How to keep track of people interested in your company.  This application can be used as a sales tool (CRM) or the way to organize outside vendors and suppliers. iContact/400 is integrated with the E-Mail facilities of the IBM i on Power.  iContact/400 helps in developing marketing campaigns and soliciting vendors and suppliers for their products.   iContact/400 has a very comprehensive note taking and activity log maintenance that can be used in multiple areas of the company.  An example would be tracking credit and collections.

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iSupport/400 was developed to aid in the management of product support.  It can be integrated with most sales inventories to track product distribution.  iSupport/400 was developed to assist a copmany's technical support department.  It integrates with a top down trouble shooting guide named "The Answer Book".  By integrating your inventory with iSupport/400 you tech. support staff can easily issue and track RMAs through the most popular shipping companies.  iSupport/400 is integrated with the IBM i on Power e-mail processing to assemble and forward trouble tickets to a master vendor or manufacture for trouble shooting.

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Since 1993

SHandB, LLC Applications

These applications:

iAssist/400 - iContact/400 - iSupport/400

Were developed with industry users.  They have been tried and tested over several years.  They have been continually updated to take advantage of all of the latest techniques in data acquisition and processing to insure they are ready for the market.


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